What if you could find the perfect candidate with minimal effort? What if you could fill a position without spending hours on LinkedIn?

With a proven Executive Recruiter, you can do just that! Search firms save time and money for the long-term while ultimately saving you the frustrations, stress, and logistical challenges most typically associated with a lengthy hiring process.

Is using a recruiter the right move for your company?  Here are 7 reasons you should use one an external firm to fill your position:

    1. Faster hiring. Using a recruitment agency shortens the time taken to fill open positions. A vast talent pool, a network of connections, and supplemental system access help locate a candidate quickly without sacrificing quality. Based on the nature of the role and the impact on other staff, an external firm can typically save anywhere from three weeks to three months.
    2. High-quality candidates. Agencies will only submit candidates that are worth your time. By carefully assessing and preemptively interviewing for you, agencies streamline the best of the best for your position. Recruiters specialize in this aspect and use best-practice methods to satisfy the needs of both candidate and client.
    3. Recruiting knowledge. A recruiter leverages their expertise and experience that can benefit your entire team. When you need your taxes done, you hire an accountant. When you need your pipes fixed, you call a plumber. When you need a position filled, call a search firm!
    4. Focus on serving the client. Firms prove to be beneficial for companies from start to finish. They reduce the workload to the client’s HR and Recruiting department from the very beginning. For confidential searches, recruiting firms are the preferred method to protect your brand and respect the person currently in the seat.
    5. Knowledge of the market. Agencies have connections far and wide that have the potential to fill your next position; they know who is looking and what they are looking for in their next position.
    6. Extended reach. A lack of qualified candidates in the active market is one reason that hiring can be a challenge. Recruiters know that the perfect candidate isn’t always necessarily looking for a new role. That’s why access to the passive candidate market is just as important as the active one.
    7. This is what we do! Every day…we love it and can leverage our professionalism and our passion to find you the VERY best candidate available in the passive job seeker market.

If you have questions or wish to learn more, please contact Martin Plumlee via LinkedIn or as follows:  615.546-0333 or martin@plumleeassociates.com.