Military Talent & Leadership Development

Your company deserves to hire and retain top tier talent, and this includes veterans!


Your company understands the talent veterans possess when transitioning into the workforce. Your organization has already taken the first step in hiring veterans. You’ve seen their unmatched work ethic, personal code of excellence, unparalleled integrity, and how they are making a significant impact on your business. Your company is gaining the edge over the competition by hiring veterans. Now, you want to expand and hire more of these great Americans.




We are experts at working and consulting with companies to develop or expand veteran hiring programs.

Our team will walk with you side-by-side to build a custom plan for your company to further develop your veteran hiring initiatives. This will ensure your business continues to hire and retain top veteran talent.

We believe this type of rotational development program should include 3-4 positions, both in the field and at the corporate office. You can start with as few as 3 veterans; it works very well with 10-12 if considering an annual pipelining process.


Each individualized program focuses on:

  • ​Long-term investment in the veterans you already hired to retain talent
  • Succession planning to grow veteran leadership
  • Working with company leadership to fully implement the program across the organization
  • A 12-month on-boarding; “success road-map” for your new military hires

We will partner with you as long as necessary on your customized military leadership development program. However, we are willing to transition into an advisory capacity after the second or fifth year – Completely up to you! An ideal scenario would be one of your “success stories” becoming the program manager for your military rotational hiring program. Our desired end state is to help our clients run more profitable businesses.