Client Testimonials

What clients Say

Helen | HR Executive | Global Manufacturing 

“The Plumlee & Associates team have partnered with my organization during the last 5 years.  Upon our relocation of our corporate headquarters, subsequent re-branding of the business, and rebuilding of the management team, Plumlee & Associates have been a vital asset to our organization. Primarily, in terms of recruiting and placement of key individuals across the country.

Their process has been comprehensive and direct.  They thoroughly review openings and interview the hiring manager for all details concerning the job and their ideal candidate.  Their communication is excellent and, in our case, their timing of providing excellent candidates have been directly in line with our schedule and requirements.

The candidates they provide are thoroughly educated in the vacant position, company needs, and culture.  Every candidate is thoroughly vetted throughout Plumlee & Associates organizational processes.

A very professional group, their ethical standards are second to none. It is my great pleasure to recommend Plumlee & Associates.”

Jack | Sales Executive | Global Financial Solutions Provider

“During early 2015, our Business Unit was faced with some aggressive goals in terms of sales growth. We were adding sales people across the United States. Leadership decided to outsource to a local recruiting firm. We evaluated and selected Plumlee & Associates; bottom line – they delivered. Team Plumlee placed 5 individuals in our Key Account Sales Group in early 2015; almost 2 years later, three of the five individuals are surpassing expectations in Georgia, Missouri and California. From my perspective, Martin’s team worked tirelessly to properly screen and vet out our candidates. They offered creative solutions that aided our ability to validate interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. His team’s intuition, follow-up and attention to detail were impressive. I recommend Plumlee & Associates without reservation. They will make it happen for your organization.”

Jeff | Senior Financial Executive | Energy Services Company

“A couple of years ago, my company was in the market for a new head of Information Technology. The person we had on staff was amazingly talented and had over two decades of vital industry experience, but we needed someone more strategic to move our company forward toward our long-range goals.

We worked with a local firm in Nashville, went through ten or so interviews and in the end felt that no one we had interviewed was better than what we already had in place. Eighteen months later, I decided to try the search again and this time with Plumlee & Associates.

Martin and I have known each other for a number of years but I had never used him or his firm before. As I sit here today, my new head of IT has been on the job for a month and is making huge strides in moving our group to a new level, including making it possible to keep the former head of department in a role that is more aligned with his specific talents and thereby not losing the institutional knowledge, while also raising the bar for the remainder of the team.

I’m thankful to Martin and the team at Plumlee & Associates because I am convinced that without their help, I would still be searching. I would definitely recommend Plumlee and Associates for any/all of your talent needs.”

Betty | HR Director | Community Banking

“Plumlee & Associates exceeded our expectations recently on a recruiting search for [us]. Having known Martin Plumlee for several years, we reached out to Plumlee & Associates when we had a critical position. True to his firm’s commitment to Quality, Integrity and Teamwork, his recruiting team partnered with our hiring managers to present only compelling talent. We hired a great candidate that matched very well, both with the position requirements and our company culture.

I wholeheartedly recommend Plumlee & Associates and will use the firm again when we have an appropriate opening.”