All of the military services have a CODE or a set of values. In the Army, the military’s largest service in terms of personnel follows the following acronym:


  • Loyalty
  • Duty
  • Respect
  • Selfless Service
  • Integrity
  • Personal Courage

Superior problem solving skills.  Veterans are used to working with minimal resources.  Accomplishing many key tasks in a short amount of time.  Bottom line:  our military brothers and sisters truly live out the motto:  “Failure is not an option (made famous in the movie, Apollo 13).

Strong communication acumen. If anyone understands the importance of good communication, it’s Veterans. Due to time spent in a variety of environments, they recognize the importance of gathering appropriate information and applying it where necessary. Additionally, a fair number of vets speak more than their native English.  This makes them priceless assets in any line of business with business outside of this country.

Veterans work well or as a team (or independently as needed). One thing vets pride themselves on is adaptability. Military veterans are used to changing times, places, and teams as well as technology. It is a necessity for them to be adaptable to situations.   Keep in mind the following phrase:  “Semper Gumbi” – Always Flexbile.

Decision making with intuition. Accompanied by their tolerance to pressure, intuitive decision making makes military personnel the best choice for your company. They are constantly working to identify solutions that benefit everyone around them.   Truly it is about keeping their team intact, while sometimes balance the safety and concerns of the local civilian population.

This Veterans’ Day, be sure to thank the VET in your circle for their Service and Sacrifice.  If in a position to meet any of their family, thank them as well.  As a Veteran of two Middle East deployment, it is always a blessing to get a hug or shake the hand of a grateful citizen….young, experienced, or somewhere in-between.

— Martin Plumlee owns and operates Plumlee & Associates, a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB).  Concurrently, he serves our great Nation in the Army Reserves.  He expects to retire from the Army Reserve in 2023.  His home team includes his beautiful bride, Amy, and two fun, intelligent kids – Emma Grace and Elijah.