When deployed in 2013-2014 (the early days of Plumlee & Associates), Martin’s wife Amy, and his selfless mother-in-law, Diane, made him a priceless gift: a t-shirt quilt showcasing favorite memories throughout his adult life. It was the perfect encapsulation of who he is and what he stands for. With this as a literal backdrop, Martin used the acronym Q.U.I.L.T. to depict the company’s core values.

Quality – Our firm is extremely selective because we know what right looks like. Plumlee & Associates LLC strives to deliver value and excellence in every project and interaction. We operate with the principle of “Quality Over Quantity.” We believe in giving every candidate and client high quality customer service throughout their entire experience with us.

Uniquity – We are flexible and creative. We understand every situation is different, and we pride ourselves on finding the perfect solution. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!  Our way is seeking mutually beneficial solutions for all.

Integrity – Being a boutique executive search firm with local ownership allows us to be nimble, agile, and creative in all that we do. Each and every action reflects impeccable values and uncompromising business ethics. We will not compromise for anyone or anything. When candidates and clients work with Plumlee & Associates, they attribute our values and professionalism as a best-in-class experience!

Long-Term Approach. We plan on sticking around. Our desire is for our company to become a multi-generational firm. We will do the right thing – today and tomorrow. At Plumlee & Associates, we are invested in your long-term career goals. We don’t find you just another job or another hire – you can do that on your own. We review your individual skills and abilities, uncover your specific career objectives, and find the ideal fit that is in alignment with your career goals. This is the primary reason why we have a retention rate of 92% after 12 months.

Teamwork. Being a Veteran-owned business, we are all too familiar with the concept of teamwork – in battle and in the office. Successful teams communicate effectively and set clear expectations. We promise to understand your expectations and clearly communicate with everyone involved. Our Team will help your team be better!

In 2021, we have added two additional values:

Relationships – A great life is built on the foundation of great relationships.  Like anything in life that matters: you typically get out of it what you put into it.

Selfless Service – As a Rotarian since 2019, Martin has increased his desire to serve the local community and Middle Tennessee region.  There are many great organizations that serve the community.  As a company, we will do our part to give of our time, talent, and resources.

Believe Diane and Amy would be proud to be referred to as QUILT’RS.  Thank you ladies for such an inspiring and practical gift!