Executive Recruiters. Headhunters. Recruiting Consultants. Car Salesman. Whatever you call us, sometimes it is justified. Many times, it is not. 

#1 – All recruiters are the same. Au contraire! Recruiters can vary in all types of ways: The level at which they hire for their clients, their industry specialties, their connections, their geographical area of expertise, their methodology, and much more. Some firms focus on relationships; a fair number of recruiting organizations are out to maximize revenue. Be sure you are aligned with a recruiter that is living out your high-level values.

#2 – Using a recruiter to find your next position costs money. Wrong again friend. Legitimate search firms are paid by client companies to fill positions. Using a recruiter in your job search is totally free to candidates. You literally have nothing to lose! Leading us to our next misconception…

#3 – Search firms only want to take the money and run. Leading recruiting firms understand and specialize in the complexities of matching the right professional with the best position. These teams truly care about the candidate’s long-term growth with their client.   The best firms look at these client-candidate relationships as a “business triangle.” Clients must be pleased with the firm’s services. Many firms offer a multi-month guarantee to back up their hard work and selection efforts.

#4 – There’s no need for a recruiter if you have your own talent acquisition team. Ultimately, the answer lies in the complexity of the search. It’s likely that your internal TA team is primarily focused on filling lower-level positions within your organization – roles that can be easily replaced. At Plumlee & Associates, we take the hassle out of the executive search process by completing the following: We source, screen, and select the best matches, shortening the time it takes to hire high-quality talent. We conduct reference checks and deliver other HR solutions. Our proven process is built around up-front preparation, broad-ranging research efforts, and highly accurate selection methods. Most importantly, our process is logically and strategically aligned to your organizational priorities focused on deadlines and deliverables.

The value that executive search partners bring to a hiring client simply cannot be fully quantified. When looking to fill an executive-level position or critical role within your organization, aligning with a proven executive recruitment firm can be the difference between choosing an ideal candidate and making the wrong hire. Best wishes as we begin to close out the calendar year of 2021.

— Martin Plumlee distinguishes himself professionally as an expert in Talent Acquisition & Talent Retention strategies; this extensive experience spans 18 years of successfully partnering with mid-size and Fortune 1000 companies across the United States. In 2012, he founded Plumlee & Associates (PAA) LLC. The firm began its’ 10th year in business earlier this year. PAA has two main practice areas: External Talent Acquisition: Executive Search, Interim Talent Solutions, Research and Souring Services and Military Career Services: Permanent Placement and Client Leadership Development Programs.

Martin is a native of Nashville, TN. He graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point in 1994. He earned his International MBA from Tennessee Technological University in 2006. Additionally, Martin is a Citizen-Soldier in the Army Reserve. He will complete 20 years of distinguished service in 2023.